The certification program is a training meant to equip our partners with skills required to conduct training and change enablement for our ever-growing clients across the country, continent and all over the world. The trained partners are taken through rigorous training and assessment then they are certified and equipped ready to be deployed for any assignment.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is passionate about customer experience and IT technology and is ready to work in line with our mission, vision and core values can be our training and change enablement partner. 

How do I apply?

To apply visit our website on , send an email to or call 0709 256000 or visit our social media platforms for more information. 

What is the Training delivery method?

We do understand various training needs of different groups of people hence we have different training delivery methods to choose from as follows: 


  • Face to face Instructor led training at our training centre - (21 working days)
  • Virtual training instructor led
  • Virtual training self-paced
  • E- learning and mobile learning
  • Blended learning (Combination of all or any of the above delivery methods)

What are the modules?

Process Re-engineering training

Contact Centre basics and floor procedures



Customer Experience Training

basic andragogy and training methods

Work Force Management and APO Training

Contact Centre Optimization and Reports Training

Knowledge Base Management Training

What is the evaluation like?

  • The training is very interactive and it involves practical sessions, quizzes microlearning, roleplays and social learning for assessment and to reinforce training.  
  • Knowledge checks are also given in a formative and summative form and those who pass will face a certification committee for final practical sessions and assessment. 

What is the duration?

The certification training takes a maximum of 1 month if it is done through face to face instructor led training (ILT) delivery but can take more than 2 months if it is done through other delivery methods.

What is the engagement like?

After successfully completing the certification program you will be awarded a certificate. You will be invited to sign a contract with us and you will be listed as one of our certified training and change enablement team and once jobs are available you will be engaged to train our clients. As you pick up more and more jobs your ratings will go higher and higher which increases your chances of getting more jobs. 

For Any Inquiries Contact Us


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