Realtime Reports and Enquiry Tracking


Reports are important tools in any organization since they advise on the business health or status at a given time; it’s crucial to easily keep track of your day to day operations based on finite time, costs and resources. Prompt ad accurate reports provide a basis for critical analysis, creation of baselines, KPIs and organizational goals which further advances data driven decision making within the business that culminates to organizational efficiency and effectiveness through reduced expenditures, customer and supplier intimacy and task completion with set timelines.

Manual case tracking consumes valuable time and human resources in order to accomplish simple reconciliation at the end of a given business period, this trickles down to uninformed management, decisions based on probable causes rather than being data driven which reduces organizational speed and relevance due to poor, decentralized customer data management.

Would you like to keep track and be informed of your cases life cycle?

The Go-Experience comes in built with the ticket details report can filter all tickets by agents and/or disposition status each record bundled up with the specific ticket ID, client phone number, the agent who received the ticket, ticket wrap up code, agent report associated to it and the timestamp.

Incidence Report