Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Due to manual processes and lack of an elaborate knowledge management system, organizations have difficulties in accessing customer data, hence, decreased operation inefficiency and low customer satisfaction. There is also a risk of losing track of important business trend when shared knowledge is not centralized.

Want to categorize all your centralized information for easy retrieval?

Go-Experience knowledge base gives the capability to create categories into which information can be added for ease of access. Categories are like digital library shelves to where books are arranged for ease of retrieval. You can organize your library in categories to your desired order i.e. Topics, Regions, departments, country’s etc.

Want to create Multimedia Articles?


GO-EXPERIENCE Solution, allows users to create, edit, upload, share and delete articles in various multimedia formats i.e. TEXT, IMAGES, VIDEO, and AUDIO&AUDIO VISUAL.

Want to maintain and update a Glossary?

GO-EXPERIENCE Solution allows users to add vocabularies, a list of new terms and jargons that relate to your business or a particular topic with their meaning or definition and update them real-time.


Want to search for articles and keep track of all your search queries?

GO-EXPERIENCE Solution, Knowledge Base Module allows users to search for articles using key words and filter by categories. Based on this search, the system gives a report on the search query on most popular and popular failed. The users can also view the articles and the publishing authors.


Want your agents to be informed real time?

GO-EXPERIENCE Solution, Knowledge Base Module, enables contact center agents to have a one stop shop kind of information access real time as it’s added or published to the knowledge base, through their agent’s portal


Want to centralize all customer information for easier customer engagement?

GO-EXPERIENCE Solution, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) enables users to view all client’s information while assisting them on all channels. This enhances customer experience and speed/relevance of the assistance given to the customer.