Go Experience features

Gx channels enable your organization not to lose out on any opportunity to interact with your customers via multiple communication channels. The Gx channels will help you resolve customer queries seamlessly and have more satisfied customers. Our channels include voice, email, SMS and Gx Social (twitter, Facebook and web chat) all on a single dashboard to provide for a seamless customer experience.

The Gx channels is designed to allow a seamless experience for the customer no matter what their communication method of choice is.

Enables you track and manage your organizations interactions with current and potential customers. The Gx CRM enhances customer relationships through managing customer interactions and consolidating customer information in one central space. You’ll also be able to:

  • Update data in real time
  • Upload bulk contacts
  • Edit client details
  • Interactions and analytics done within a central data base that users can access anywhere anytime
  • Have a 360⁰ view of your customers
  • Deliver outstanding customer service
  • Track and reference past customer interactions.

Gx Workflows enables your organization automate processes, design dynamic forms and track performance via reports. It helps you automate processes to replace manual workflow and increase productivity.

Create, manage and publish surveys and collect feedback to provide assistance in business decision making process. Gx Surveys allows effective management of surveys to help your organization know the opinions of your clients, employees on various aspects. It simplifies the process of creating, analyzing and deploying questionnaires and surveys and generates reports for business analysis. Surveys can be administered through SMS, emails or by a call center agent with real time reports. The Gx Survey is:

  • Easy to create
  • Enables quick survey distribution
  • Create multiple contact groups
  • Upload bulk contact

You can able to track the enquiries and have a real time view of the customer experience reports which can later be analyzed to provide insights for management and decision making

This is the first response your caller hears when they dial in. The Gx IVR powers the menu options your callers will hear when their call connects to the contact center. It will consist of a greeting, audio instruction and the ability to interpret and respond to key-press selections from callers.

The Gx IVR is tailored to funnel callers to distinct, specialized teams or agents with the specific skills to handle unique customer issues, sorting calls by language thus helping route the callers to the right resource.    


Gx ACD automatically distributes incoming (inbound) calls to route caller queries to the best suited agent according to the type of information required, agent availability and agent skill set with-in the organization.

Let’s you create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels. Use the Gx Campaign to develop, execute, monitor and manage your campaigns across multiple channels. you’ll also be able to:

  • Create detailed database segmentation to filter contacts for different campaigns
  • Upload bulk contacts
  • Benchmark campaign effectiveness to quickly identify what is working and what isn’t
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Send voice messages, SMS, Emails to multiple recipients at the same time.