Customer Engagement and Automation

Client interactions (inbound e.g., order placing, support calls, sales inquiries, outbound-Campaigns, notifications, surveys)

Client interactions should always be real-time, businesses are always in the invaluable process of communicating with their clientele base which makes it very essential to establish a multichannel framework to address all customers’ touchpoints. Communicating over a single channel could make you miss on a better chunk of customer interactions leading to some or all customer interactions not to be tracked giving your organization a disadvantage through loss of valuable feedback. In scenarios where audio files are required for training, evidence or quality analysis, the organization could be undercut if it cannot produce these records. Based on this, your customer care representatives could be maxed out due to lack of self-service portals or a proactive method of engagement which ardently culminates to unreliable feedback.

The GCCP Solution (GoIP Contact Center Platform) avails a wide range of possibilities to expose your brand to your clients superseding the base Inbound and/or Outbound capabilities of average solutions.

Want to increase your communication efficiency?

GCCP solution (GoIP Contact Center Platform) offers a multi-channel experience via voice, web, email, SMS and social media to address client concerns all under one roof with extensive tracking. Leveraging on the Interactive Voice Response technology, you are able to setup a self-service menu to address repetitive FAQs and enhance your customer experience.


Want to keep track of ALL your touch-points?


The agent can be able to view pending call backs as well as their associated reasons thus ensuring 100 % customer case follow up. These calls can be initiated to the agent’s endpoint or an external person e.g. admin mobile phone.

With GCCP, all customer interactions are accounted for accurately and in details across multiple channels. You can either resolve, pend or escalate the case based on the outcome of the engagement. These cases can be viewed by other user levels in the system as dynamically configured by the admin. A unique tracking ID is issued to the client for follow up on the case across all channels.

With our integrated agent platform, all channel inquiries are met via a single sign on view to respond to Web, SMS, Voice and social media. From the admin view, an agent can be assigned to a channel of interest depending on KPIs and/or volume of work. Real-time tracking of agent performance for the day is available on the same view for the agent and admin.




While interacting with the client in real-time, the agent is able to send Emails and/or SMS to the client on request in order to facilitate urgent information sharing.

Want to proactively reach out to and get reliable feedback from your clients?

The GCCP suite allows you to create campaigns which enables you to share targeted information across all touchpoints. General campaigns are also available. Survey questions can be setup to gather information from your clients and obtain real-time feedback as the surveys go on. You can generate graphical and analytical reports from the engagements.

The voice broadcast feature can be used to pass information via a pre-recorded audio file to multiple clients at the same time with granular tracking capabilities for detailed responses and high level graphical reports.



Speed, Accuracy, Efficiency

Centralization of customer engagement

Quality assurance, training and future references

Self-service, reduction in one on one engagements

Reliable, real time feedback