Convergence of information systems within your organization is key to facilitate decision making and prompt and accurate information sharing.


From your internal Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) or any knowledge working software, it is essential to have a single sign on portal for multiple business information systems to enable efficient data access which raises operational efficiency through faster business knowledge sharing as a result of centralizing your customer information. Without the former, you might still experience difficulty in accessing client information, reconciliation of reports, manual processes and probable decision making without solid proof to support the decisions.


Multiple logins to multiple systems becomes cumbersome and leads to discontinuous data. A single-sign-on (SSO) authentication process is a mechanism to allow the user to access multiple information systems resources making use of one set of credentials. The GoIP Contact Center Platform supports this functionality through our easy to integrate APIs (Application

Tired of multiple sign-ons into your information systems?


The customer care representative accesses the suite via a three-fold set of credentials that gives them access to all channels (voice and non-voice) for easy and track able customer interaction, from the portal the customer care representative can keep track of all important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) across multiple channels(Voice, Email, SMS, Web, Social Media).

Would you like to converge your business processes?


The Go-Experience (GoIP Contact Center Solution) suite integrates easily at different levels with your existing solutions; for instance, given your CRM solution but not limited to, the following can be achieved…


GO-EXPERIENCE only plugins on need basis and keeps track of all your engagements e.g. on a click to call basis,

GO-EXPERIENCE handles some of the core functionality of your existing solution e.g. Effective/automated outreach campaigns on the CRM: Auto-dialer, Sales & Marketing. Etc.


This scenario allows for cold leads exclusively on GO-EXPERIENCE, and follow-up steps on your CRM inclusive of future tracking.

The final scenario, GO-EXPERIENCE runs the whole campaign, does the heavy lifting inclusive of all (Customer Relationship Manager) CRM business processes i.e. profiling, contacting, reporting and feedback.



  • Customer data centralization
  • Informed staff leading to improved decision making.
  • Seamless Information accessibility
  • Efficient customer service leading to happy clients