About Us

Who we are

We are a technology company that provides customer experience(Contact Center Solutions) for businesses

We also provide solutions to bridge the gap between communities and stakeholders in different public sectors (Education, Agriculture, Health, Transport, Tourism) by addressing communication (Down-stream – from the organization or institution), feedback and data collection and presentation.

We do this through GO-Experience (an in house developed contact center solution) which is dynamic and customizable.

Core Values

  • Innovation – Constantly coming up with:
      1. New products and services in the line of technology that address the needs of communities and organizations
      2. New Business models – that create value to the organization and immediate value to the client.
      3. New ways of conducting business – that offer an opportunity for growth for our human resource and at the same time responsive to our potential and current clients
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence

What is our focus

Our Focus is on building dynamic technology that fits your organization processes, procedures and needs. Our solution adoption process is focused on people to enable us to understand the organization and customize the solution.


To lead Innovation and Transformation in emerging markets.


Enabling businesses and communities by leveraging on Technology