Is your business struggling with?

GoIP 1
  • Manual client information storage?
  • Inability to serve all customers on time
  • Difficulty in tracking customer inquiries?
  • No centralized point of engaging customers?
  • Difficulty in reconciling reports?
  • Difficulty in accessing customer data?
  • Limited knowledge sharing and collaboration?
  • KPI tracking?

With GoIP’s Go-Experience, a dynamic and customizable solution, will revolutionize your customer experience and contact center.

let us show you HOW


Customer Experience Convergence

Looking to aggregate all your customer interactions into one?

GO-Experience contact center solution platform offers a wide selection of channels all funneling into one view manage casees raised. We support Voice, SMS, email, Web Chat and social media(Facebook & Twitter). This converged ensures you don’t miss any concern from your clientele base facilitating customer satisfaction across board, this interaction is powered by a single sign-on integrated platform.  Learn More

Automation of Internal Processes

Given the comlex nature of your organizational, manual approvals of business processes could take more time depending on physical presence of involved officers. GO-EXPERIENCE contact center solution enables you keep track of all your cases at different levels of action as well as their statuses for a glimpse view of the organizational health. Different officers can send approvals…..Learn More

Smooth Adoption Process

Our focus is on building dynamic technology that fits your organization processes, procedures and needs. Our contact center solution adoption process is focused on people to enable us to understand the organization, and customize the solution. Learn More

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Centralization of information within the organization is key in order to align everyone to the same script when interacting with your clients.Efficient processes are born out of the ease of which information can be accessed since all decisions are data driven. GO-Experience contact center solution ensures every department is actively sharing information with each other placing them in a pedestaled advantage to respond to customer request efficiently and accurately….

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Customer Engagement and Automation

Client interaction is always real-time, businesses are always in the invaluable process of communicating with their clientele base which makes it very essential to establish a multichannel framework to address all customers’ touchpoints. Keeping track of this process manual could be a tedious and erroneous procedure. GO-Experience contact center solution automates this business process to improve accuracy, efficiency while reducing time taken to capture customer concerns.

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Realtime Reports and Enquiry Tracking

Report reconciliation has never been a walk in the park at the end of a fiscal day/month/year especially if you lack a viable tool to support your daily business routines. Go-Experience contact center solution offers a real-time, granular and future focused reporting and analytic too inbuilt to provide prompt and accurate reports to aid in confident data driven decisions for top level and operations management.  Learn More

Quality and APO

By aligning quality and human resource we ensure, effective Customer Experience contact center solution. We do this through Call recording, Agent Progress Reports and Shift Management. Learn More